Sail & Hike: what can you expect from the mountain hikes?

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Our Sail & Hike expeditions are accompanied by an IML mountain hiking guide. What can you expect from mountain hiking in Northern Norway? How fit do you have to be? And what equipment do you take with you? You can read it below:

Into the mountains with an International Mountain Leader

An International Mountain Leader (IML) is a certified mountain hiking guide, with an emphasis on the word hiking. For example, a mountain hiking guide accompanies mountain hikes in summer conditions (or in spring and autumn), or snowshoe hikes in winter. We also sometimes go off the beaten track, but the hikes mainly go through terrains that do not require special equipment.

A good pair of (mountain) hiking boots are of course indispensable. Also make sure you’ve broken them in properly. Buying new shoes a week before departure is a guarantee for sore feet. In addition to good shoes, you should also bring a daypack with a pair of dry socks, a cap and sunglasses. And of course you can also put your lunch, water bottle and some snacks for the road in there. If you like to walk with walking sticks, take them with you into the mountains.

Safe mountain hiking

In order to take care of the safety of all participants, the guide will carry a rope, slings and carabiners (so-called climbing equipment). Of course, he or she is also trained to use this in the event of an emergency, in unexpected situations or to give extra security to less experienced participants. This is the difference between an IML mountain hiking guide and a mountain guide. A mountain guide accompanies people with mountaineering, rock climbing, ski touring, etc. With a mountain hiking guide, the emphasis is on hiking (in the mountains of course).

For a mountain hike you must have a good basic condition. The walks often last 6-8 hours, so a good amount of stamina is indispensable. Because parts of the routes go over slopes, rocks or ridges and you sometimes have to cross a stream, it is important that you have good balance and coordination. If you have not done mountain walks before, it is smart to train your basic fitness and balance at home. The more flexible you walk through the mountains, the more you will enjoy it.

Information on the go

An International Mountain Leader doesn’t just make sure a group gets from point A to point B in a safe and pleasant way. He or she can also tell you a lot about the environment during the hike: which plants are there, which animals and insects live there, the geology of the area and of course its history.

In addition, the guide will give you instructions on, for example, how to walk with poles, adjust your backpack, navigate in the mountains, how to smoothly descend a slope, etc. In short, the IML mountain hiking guide will do everything to help you provide an experience and adventure in the mountains that you will remember for a long time!

Will you join our hikes in the mountains of the Vesterålen and Senja?

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