How are the Northern Lights created?

Noorwegen Noorderlicht Zeilreis Lofoten en Vesteralen Northern Lights aurora borealis

With green, yellow, red or purple patches, the Northern Lights dance through the sky. Suddenly it is there, first gently, then fierce and powerful. A few seconds later it disappeared again. Or not? The Northern Lights are hypnotic and maddening. When you see it, you keep staring at it open-mouthed. If you can’t see it, it can keep you awake … Read More

7 fascinating facts about Norway’s fjords

sailing norway noorwegen zeilen fjord cruise zeilvakantie zeilreis rondreis scandinavie zomer

Norway is known for its immense fjords: they are high, deep and breathtaking. Is exploring the Norwegian fjords also on your wish list? We have already collected some interesting fjord facts for you: 1. There are (no fewer than) 120. And they extend from 58 degrees N to above 71 degrees N. 2. The fjords were created in the Ice … Read More

Sustainable Destination

Noorwegen zeilen vakantie kust fjorden SeaWind Adventures sailing sustainable destination duurzaamheid

Norway is one of our favorite destinations. Because of the impressive nature, the deep fjords, snowy mountains and rugged islands. The Norwegians themselves have long realized that their country offers a unique landscape. And that you have to take good care of it. In Norway (and Sweden too) the so-called ‘everyone’s right’ applies, which means that nature belongs to everyone … Read More

Midnight sun

Nordfjord sunset Norway

The polar circle is more or less halfway through Norway, at 66.5 degrees N. It runs about 75 km south of the city of Bodø and just past the northernmost tip of Iceland. To the north of the Arctic Circle you can experience the magical midnight sun in the summer: 24-hour daylight. And the further north you go, the longer … Read More