Schooner or ketch

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The Baltic is a schooner. For those who are not nautically trained: with a schooner, the rear mast (the large mast) is higher than the front mast (the schooner mast). A schooner is very popular with those who mainly want to sail fast, in which of course also the hull shape, the amount of sail and the wind play a … Read More

Midnight sun

Midzomernacht Lofoten Noorwegen SeaWind Adventures zeilvakantie zeilreis poolcirkel

The polar circle is more or less halfway through Norway, at 66.5 degrees N. It runs about 75 km south of the city of Bodø and just past the northernmost tip of Iceland. To the north of the Arctic Circle you can experience the magical midnight sun in the summer: 24-hour daylight. And the further north you go, the longer … Read More