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  • Midsummer night in Lofoten & Vesterålen

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    10 days
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  • Senja glacier lake gletsjer hike wandelen coast expedition zeilen sailing sail trip

    Sail & Hike | Legendary Senja

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    10 days
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  • Spitsbergen Svalbard gletsjer mountains expeditie ijsschotsen

    Svalbard | Glaciers, fjords and wildlife

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    14 days
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About us

SeaWind Adventures offers active sailing trips to the most extraordinary and often remote places in the world. People who sail with us experience how unique it is to sail with a small group (of 8 persons max.) through areas where you’ll often come only by ship.

With over 20 years of sailing experience and many thousands of miles one thing is clear to us: the world is beautiful, but incredibly vulnerable. Precisely by letting people experience how impressive the earth is, we hope to achieve that we all together will treat her a little better.

Therefore SeaWind Adventures makes maximum use of the wind to move from one place to another, we deal carefully with nature and wildlife, and we have a conscious purchasing policy for our tours.



Step aboard on the Baltic!

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Frequently asked questions

I love walking, swimming, taking pictures …, is there time for it?

Of course! We sail to beautiful places and offer you there the opportunity to walk, photograph or undertake other activities. Where exactly that will be and how much time there is, depends, among other things, on the weather and the wind.


Do I need sailing experience to make an expedition with SeaWind Adventures?

No, it’s not necessary to have any sailing experience. During the trip the crew learns you all you need to help sail the ship. But keep in mind that without your help, the expedition cannot take place. So we do expect that you are willing to help hoist the sails, pick up the anchor or stand on the helm. Someone who can tied up the fenders and lines after departure is always needed!

I’m not very sporty. Can I sail with you?

Yes, you don’t have to be sporty to participate in our expeditions. We do expect you to help with sailing. And that you are in good health, can embark and disembark without assistance, and have a normal condition. Are you in doubt? Call us to consult.

Will we also go ashore during the sailing trip?

Sure we do! Especially with a sailing vessel we have the opportunity to go to places that are not accessible by land. This is your opportunity to go ashore with the dinghy. Take your camera and hiking shoes with you. We’ll also visit nice places or cities along the way so you can meet the local people and culture.

How will I find the ship in the harbour?

After you’ve booked, you get a confirmation email and we’ll let you know where the ship is located upon your arrival. If the harbour master might change our berth last minute, we’ll update you accordingly via email, text message or phone. We’ll make sure you don’t have to search for us! (and you can of course always call us).