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SeaWind Adventures offers active sailing trips to the most extraordinary and often remote places in the world. We like sailing between deserted islands and make our way through narrow, glacier-carved fjords. We head to the polar regions, make a warming stopover on a volcanic island and take the time to enjoy the peace and space at sea.

People who sail with us experience how unique it is for a small group (no more than 8 persons + crew) sailing through areas where you often can only come by ship. We make sure that everyone feels safe and quickly at home on board. As a guest you help with raising and lowering sails, steer and moor. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the life on board. The atmosphere is informal but professional.

Sail with us! For the world has to offer countless scenic spots that we like to show you. In recent years we sailed from Svalbard to Antarctica – via ‘laid back’ Cabo Verde, the remote archipelago of Fernando de Noronha and across the mysterious Patagonia. But also the thousands of Swedish and Finnish islands, the trio Jersey, Guernsey & Alderney, and the sunny Azores have stolen our hearts.

Where would you like to go?

What we mean by: Explore, Experience, Enjoy!

‘Explore, experience and enjoy’ is the motto of our sailing trips. Because traveling is more to us than vacation. Traveling is to explore, to find cliffs, open seas and distant islands. Discover what it does to you when a killer whale suddenly looks you straight in the eye, or an albatross swoop is right ahead.

Traveling is experience how glaciers creep slowly from the mountains towards the sea and how a group of dolphins swims for hours with the ship. Experience how satisfied you feel – after a few days at sea – to sail the ship into a tiny harbour. And how nice it is to cast off the ropes again, 1 or 2 days later, and leave the civilized world behind you.

Traveling is feeling how great it is being outdoors all day, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Enjoying conversations with people you met only a few days ago, a – temporary – life without wifi, moving without haste, with good food and a comfortable cabin within reach.

Explore, experience and enjoy: three elements that you’ll find in each of our sailing trips.

What drives us?

After all these nautical miles one thing is clear to us: the world is beautiful, but incredibly vulnerable. Those who sail with us into the far north or deep south will experience for themselves how impressive the earth is. And also what you can do (or rather leave) to preserve it. In this way we hope to achieve that we will all take a little better care for this precious planet.

Therefore, we make maximum use of the wind to get from one to place to another (instead of burning liters of diesel), we recharge our batteries with solar power, we treat nature with great respect and keep proper distance from animals (instead of disturbing them in their habitat).

We have a conscious purchasing policy for our expeditions and try to serve as much as possible sustainable and organic produced food. That’s why you’ll eat vegetarian or vegan meals with us and we love to serve a organic wine or beer with it.

Taking good care for the world, taking good care for you

At SeaWind Adventures, we not only take good care for the world, but also for you. You can completely surrender to life on board our expedition ship, where relaxation and exertion alternate. No rushes from one place to another, no stress or hurry. There is plenty of time to photograph the (sea)animal life, take a walk along the coast or in the mountains, or to learn the ins-and-outs of sailing at sea. Doing nothing for an afternoon? That too is on the agenda!

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Marijn Achterkamp en Annet Talsma, SeaWind Adventures

Marijn and Annet

SeaWind Adventures …

… is a company of Marijn and Annet Achterkamp, together they have more than 20 years of sailing experience, from ‘kolibrie’ boats (6 meters) up to tall ships (50 meters), from the Dutch Wadden Sea to the Polar Seas (and just about every sea in between), equipped with all necessary papers and certificates, a hospitable attitude and a good dose of enthusiasm to convey their love and knowledge of sailing to their guests, wherever they are in the world.

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