Will we also go ashore during the sailing trip?

Sure we do! Especially with a sailing vessel we have the opportunity to go to places that are not accessible by land. This is your opportunity to go ashore with the dinghy. Take your camera and hiking shoes with you. We’ll also visit nice places or cities along the way so you can meet the local people and culture.

How will I find the ship in the harbour?

After you’ve booked, you get a confirmationemail and we’ll let you know exactly where the ships is located. If the harbourmaster changes our berth last minute wel’ll update you accordingly via mail, sms, whatsapp or phone. We’ll make sure you don’t have to search for us!
(and you can of course always call us).

I’m travelling alone, do I share a cabin with someone else?

When traveling alone you normally share a cabine with someone else (of the same sex). If the cruise is not fully booked then we’ll try to accommodate single guests with their own cabin.

Do I need sailing experience to make a sailingcruise with SeaWind Adventures?

No, it’s not necessary to have any sailing experience. During the trip are crew learns you all you need to help sail the ship. We like it very much if you help us sailing but it’s also ok if you just sit and read a book.

When’s the best time to book a cruise

We advise not to wait too long getting your cruise booked. We have a limited number of spots available each trip and our experience is that our cruises to extraordinary places are booked way in advance. Also keep in mind that flights are a lot cheaper when booked in advance.